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The NSBMA Mission


We are excited and truly welcome the opportunity to tell you about the talented men and women that are the backbone of The National Small Business Marketing Association.


As important as it is to tell you about the excellent individuals that comprise the Administration, Member Support and Marketing Research Teams here at The NSBMA, it is equally, if not MORE important to share with you The NSBMA's  Value System & Core Association Beliefs that each Team Member's career here at the association, is based upon, and quite frankly, DEPENDS upon.

  • To be sure, the NSBMA's #1 Goal and Directive is to bring to it's members Done For You AND Do It Yourself Marketing Services, Resources, Technologies, Tools, Software and Educational resources that they need to thrive & survive, but to give those resources to our association members AS PART OF THEIR ASSOCIATION NSBMA MEMBERSHIP.

But it's our Value System Of Service that directly impacts the quality of care and service and expertise that YOU, our valued Member, experiences at the association.

  • It is what we dedicate ourselves to every business day, with every interaction, that will guide how we grow the NSBMA into one of the most unique-modern and forward thinking business association in the United States.

  • You see, we want you to be proud of your association and of the help, insight and real world marketing tools and services we make available to every small business that is a member.


We intend to change what is expected of a national business association.

To be sure, there are many great associations available to businesses of all types for all different types of goals and reasons.


But the CORE MISSION of OUR association, the NSBMA, is that we intend to "Up The Game" for the small business association industry in almost every way possible.


  • No longer will a "business association" simply just be a place a small business joins and in return gets little in the way of actionable benefits that can ACTUALLY help them grow their businesses.

  • No longer will the most tangible benefit you get from an association simply be a sticker you can display

  • and a magazine to can buy ads in.

  •  Gone are the days where an association's main function is making pretty newsletters and planning discount "networking" luncheons that it's members can attend. To be sure their is nothing inherently wrong with these types of things. To be sure we too have great looking newsletters and also will have all types of networking opportunities

  • for our members across the country. But the point is that these types of activities will never be our MAIN function.

  • Our MAIN function and reason for being, is to offer and bring PROACTIVE Marketing And

  • Advertising Resources-Tools-EXCLUSIVE Services-Recommended Innovative Marketing Tools,

  • Software and Knowledge Resources-With Many Of Them At Rates And Prices Far Below

  • The Standard Average Open Market, So that OUR members can AFFORD To Grow Their Businesses.

  • Not to mention including Free Marketing Resources as well Each Month.

We ask the questions:

Shouldn't a marketing business association provide ACTUAL Tools & Expert Processes and Services And Advice

that it's member can implement to become successful?

Not just an association of abstract marketing "theory" either-but ACTUAL and REAL ProActive Benefits

that aid in the success of it's members.

And shouldn't an business association be more about resources and direct actionable guidance that it's members can access and use to GROW their businesses in the here and now?


  • Our priority is to bring our members resources they can trust. Whether it's EXCLUSIVE Marketing Services and Tools....or special NSBMA recommended resources, we bring to bear the power of an association to deliver up to date marketing resources that can make the difference between success or failure of a small business in a competitive marketplace.

  • Our mission is also to provide Advice On Demand with our instant answers chat service inside our platform for members and easy to access knowledge resources that can make a real difference for our members.

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