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NSBMA Association
Member Benefits

Member Benefits Centers 1-4 ALL ACCESS


On Demand
Answers & Solutions



21+ Powerful Business Class
Hosted Software Platforms






No! that's NOT a typo!

21+ Business Class Marketing/Admin Hosted Software Platforms ARE INCLUDED for our members as part of their NSBMA Association Membership.


Our members don't have to pay individually for the critical Marketing/Admin technologies they need every month like everyone else in the world does.

BEST OF ALL, the Marketing And Admin technologies we give our members are TOP FLIGHT technologies...many are state of the art.

(See Member Benefits Center #1 below on page for the incredible list of features of these INCLUDED Marketing Technologies)


1. Email Marketing Platform

2. SMS/MMS Broadcast Platform

3. Social Media Management Platform

4. Advanced EZ Website Builder

5. Loyalty Rewards/QR Management

6. State Of The Art Video Funnel Builder

7. Video Presentation Builder

8. 3D Social Video Ad Builder

9. INTERACTIVE Video Builder

10. Marketing Funnel Builder

11. Graphic Design Suite Platform!

12. B2B Lead Generation Platform

13. Advanced SEO Suite

14. Reputation Management 

15. Competition Research Platform

16. SERP BOOSTER Management 

17. Advanced Marketing/Sales CRM

18. Payroll/Accounting Management 

19. Enterprise Appointment Scheduling Platform


21 Amazing Individual Business Class Marketing Technology Platforms INCLUDED In Association Membership

Wouldn't it be just great to have a behind the scenes Expert Marketing Partner that whenever you needed help or answers?


WELL NOW YOU HAVE THAT PARTNER as part of your NSBMA Association Membership in our ON DEMAND Marketing Answers & Solutions Center located inside the Members benefits Hub:​

  • You will now be able to ask for advice and solutions to any marketing or sales related questions-no matter how small or big the question.

Questions like:

"How do I build an opt in SMS Text Or Email List into the hundreds of people so I can increase my return business by 20% in the next few months?"


"My product or service is ________. What's a good call to action advertising idea I could put out to get people to respond way more than they are?"

  • No matter what your question one of our Marketing Expert Partners will then ask you some clarifying questions about your particular situation and then give you an honest, straightforward answer, actionable idea, or solution. Now how valuable is that? Very.

Normally, These 21 Amazing Marketing Platforms Would be MORE THAN ENOUGH To Justify Joining The NSBMA...

BUT WE DON'T STOP THERE! Not Even Close...


Up To Date Marketing
Success Center



Done For You (DFY)
Marketing Services
At 40%-80% Off Center






An Amazing And Dynamic Marketing & Sales

Power Education Center At Your Finger Tips!

As part of your association membership you will also have 24/7 access to our MARKETING EDUCATION SUCCESS CENTER.

  • Over 100 "How To" Topics For Beginners To Veteran Marketers!

Direct & Easy To Understand

  • Video Courses-PDF's-

  • Worksheets-Audio Mp3's-

  • Hand Outs-Tutorials-

  • Power Point Presentations-Checklists-

  • Cheatsheets-

  • Technical-

  • Marketing Strategies-

  • Action Guides!

  • Webinars/Workshops...and so much more.

  • Power Train Yourself!

  • Or Power Train Your Staff! 


  • Tons Of Short Form Video & Audio Training Under 15 Minutes!

  • NEW Resources ADDED Each Month.

  • Maybe you're like most people in that you do 60% of your Marketing yourself but there are some things-sometimes that you choose or need to outsource and have done for you...THEN THIS MEMBER BENEFITS CENTER IS FOR YOU.

  • In this center you can access Done For You Marketing And Web Development Services at 40%-80% OFF of the average open market price.

  • MEMBERS ONLY DRAMATICALLY Reduced Rates of 40%-80% OFF On Many Critical Marketing DFY Services:


  • Website and Mobile App Design And Deployment-

  • SEO-Search Engine Rankings, Social Media Management Services, Local Market Promotions,

  • SMS Text, Lead Generation,

  • High Response Web Commercials,

  • Including Offline Marketing: Direct Mail, Print, Radio & Local TV, And More...

WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT TO BE ABLE TO SAY...if someone calls you to pitch you on their done for you marketing services:

"You know what, let me check with my association they may actually have this service for far less as part of my member benefits"

Yes, yes it would:-)

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